Dr. Natacha Simon-Christie is a career empowerment strategist and ceo of nsc productions.

{I had been looking at my life in terms of all the thing that I wanted to do and didn’t get the chance. I was working a lot of hours but not moving forward.Truthfully, I had been upset with myself. I was swimming in debt, making bad decisions with money and trying to drown out my self-doubt with food. It wasn’t working. I found the Dr. Simon-Christie by accident. It was a turning point in my life and the best money I have ever spent. It helped me know that I still have plenty of options in changing the way I live. Working with Dr.Simon-Christie helped me develop my own debt management/debt free action plan. With things I felt comfortable doing. Since completing my action plan, I have eliminated credit card debt. I am almost done with my student loans. I am now saving for my dream home. I took back control of my money and my life.
Nurse Practitioner
{I am extremely thankful Dr. Simon-Christie in helping me devise my plan. Dr. Simon-Christie worked with me to find out why I wanted a new job. She walked me through questions and my answers helped me realize that I deserve that opportunity. With that clarity I was able to break free from my own insecurities that I had held on to for too long. With each step my purpose became clearer. Dr. Simon-Christie helped me to start seeing and thinking more positively about what I could do in my career. I did all the necessary steps (don’t skip!) and I applied for a new job, got one that paid me my worth and have already received commendations and an opportunity for more responsibility and more pay!
{I took the quiz and immediately I had chills. I had been thinking about going back to nursing school for over a year. Fear of failure kept me from trying. After working with Dr. Simon-Christie and using my plan I gained my confidence back. Trying to figure out where I needed to start was hard for me. With her help I knew what I needed to do first to get on my nursing program path. My path was individualized for me and my lifestyle. Dr .Simon-Christie used words that were simple, easy to understand and effective. This was exactly what I needed to get my mind right and get myself back into my life.
{I worked for a well known big company that I was loyal to for many years. I was the stable employee while people came and left. In 6 years I never received a promotion or true gratitude from corporate. I trained people who were able to move forward and I was stuck. Dr.Simon-Christie helped me to see that I had to do something because I was able. She lit a fire under me that I forgot I possessed. She was knoweldegable but extremly approachable in her delivery.With her help I created a plan of how I would build my own company and I am doing it.
Personal Trainer