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You give me your dreams and I’ll help you make them your life!

My Story

This is Natacha.

     Natacha is a woman with a desire to do great good in this world. She is a wife and mother of tween girls. A Brooklyn, New York native, Natacha started out with humble beginnings. At Syracuse University she earned enough credits to take and pass the licensed practical nurse exam. That license allowed her to continue her studies at Syracuse and earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing to become a registered nurse. The drive to give more to the world earned her a Master’s Degree from SUNY Health Science Center with a specific concentration in nurse anesthesia.  After marriage and children, Natacha knew there was more knowledge for her to obtain and earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Maryville University. 

None of these came easy,especially after marriage and children but each goal was attainable.

Having been in healthcare system for over 2 decades she discovered that there were things, thoughts and actions necessary to move up this healthcare ladder. These techniques, structured properly can be applied to virtually anyone anywhere  who desires more from their lives. Natacha wants to help you become your best self and live a life worthy of who you really are. She is here to help you accomplish your goals.

“Where there is no vision the people perish”

                         Proverbs 29:18

Why Choose Natacha

20+ Years of Experience

All the things that made a success will no be available to you!

Custom Everything

Each person is unique and cookie cutter answers don’t work. I tailor a specific plan to meet your needs.

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