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Dr. Natacha Simon-Christie is a Career Empowerment Strategist and CEO of NSC productions.


Her Story

For over 20 years, Dr. Simon-Christie established herself as a veteran in healthcare, specializing in anesthesiology. Known for her bedside manner, Dr. Simon-Christie leveraged holistic assessments and specific actions to move patients from disease to healthy helping them achieve favorable results, which ultimately changed the trajectory of their lives.

Not a stranger to achieving her own ambitious results, Dr. Simon-Christie applied the same methodology to help herself push past challenges, take the wheel and crush every goal.

As colleagues and other professionals sought her wisdom, she realized that her technique when structured properly could apply to anyone in any situation. This inspired her to start her career empowerment business to share her goal achievement expertise and teach professional how to set and achieve their goals to build the life they want.
Known for her candid, no nonsense wrapped in love approach, Dr. Simon-Christie has expanded her coaching services to help ambitious career driven moms learn how to create a fulfilling career plan, set ambitious goals, break through any ceiling and achieve their greatest impact.