learn to design your action plan to

achieve career SUCCESS.


achieve career success


Create an action plan for your career so you can quit feeling guilty about NOT using your potential!

End the guilt today about not putting enough focus on your career goals in the past.

Stop the thoughts of hopelessness because you think it’s too late for your career now.


achieve career success

It is Time

Turn your career ideas into a workable plan. 

Gain goal confidence with useful strategies that work.

Push through career road blocks.


achieve career success

Get Help

We know what it feels likes to be overlooked for a promotion. Again. It’s frustrating to feel like you aren’t good enough and it can get complicated deciding on your next career move.


achieve career sucess

Your career goals are just 3 steps away.

1-Schedule a Session

2-Create a Plan

3- Achieve Career Success

Achieve career success

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     Motherhood shouldn’t be the end of your career. That’s why Dr. Simon-Christie teaches ambitious career driven moms how to create a fulfilling career plan, set ambitious goals, break through any ceiling and achieve a significant impact.